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Gasless, interoperable, privacy DAO app for everyone!

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AnyDAO is a platform for public usage - where DAOs can create and vote for proposals with these features: 1. Multichain – Aggregation of votes across all EVM & Substrate compatible networks, L1s & L2s, without the need for bridging. 2. Gasless Votes – Cost free voting encourages more users to vote. 3. Supports all token standards – NFTs or tokens? We got it covered. 4. Customized privacy – Choose between different levels of privacy to protect your users and prevent speculation. 5. Multi-strategy – Choose from a list of intuitive strategies to facilitate voting the way you want it.


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April 22nd at 11:28
Privacy, privacy, privacy. LFG
April 21st at 7:20
Is this an app launched by Automata Network? Heard that they are big on privacy solutions.
April 21st at 6:59
This is just too exciting. Finally privacy features for DAOs to protect their community and stop speculation before vote decision is made.
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